The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

Injured By A Reckless Driver: How A Lawyer Can Help After A Bicycle Accident With A Vehicle

by Jo Rodriquez

Did a reckless driver cause you an injury after crashing into your bicycle? If the driver was proven to be at fault for the accident, it is possible for you to get paid for your medical expenses and property damage. In this article, discover how a personal injury lawyer can help you get paid after a bicycle accident with a vehicle.

How Can a Lawyer Help After a Bicycle Accident with a Vehicle?

Your lawyer will want to know if you were following the road rules set for cars when you were hit by the other party. Riding a bike on the city streets requires you to follow the same rules as a driver, as biking differently can usually lead to an accident. Even if you were already proven to be in the right, the other party can contest the police report and claim that the accident was caused by your negligence.

Upon deciding to take your case, the lawyer will gather evidence of the accident by visiting the scene where it happened. He or she may be able to get surveillance video of the incident if someone captured on their store cameras. Visiting the scene is also a great way for the lawyer to locate possible witnesses who can speak in your favor.

Medical documents detailing your injuries from the incident will also be obtained as evidence. Sign a medical release form if you want your lawyer to get your medical records so you won't have to. You will also have to provide an estimate of how much your damaged bike was worth before the accident so you can get compensated for a new one.  Another aspect of what you are paid will be for having to experience the traumatic incident, which is known as pain and suffering.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

The cost of services from a personal injury lawyer will be charge by the hour. The actual amount of money paid will depend on the lawyer handling your case. Keep in mind that it is possible for you to hire a lawyer and pay him or her out of your lawsuit money later. You will need a lawyer who agrees to working off of a contingent fee if you don't want to pay money upfront.

Drivers must pay extra attention when sharing the road with cyclists because a car can cause a serious injury. Allow a lawyer to help you get paid so you can replace your bike and pay off your medical bills. Contact a firm like Mooney and Associates LLC for more tips about dealing with a bicycle accident.


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