The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

A Skilled Divorce Lawyer Can Help A Polyamorous Person Gain Full Child Custody

by Jo Rodriquez

As a polyamorist getting a divorce and seeking full custody of your children, you need skilled legal representation if your spouse does not approve of polyamory and is likely to use that against you in court. With specific strategies, your family law attorney will make sure your children live with you full-time after the divorce. 

Prejudicial Hurdles

The problem isn't with the law itself, since polyamory isn't illegal; it only involves multiple relationships at one time and not multiple marriage partners. However, polyamory certainly isn't mainstream, at least as of 2015. A judge may very well feel that such an arrangement is not healthy for children and thus grant full custody to your spouse. 

How Your Spouse Might Approach the Situation

If you engaged in polyamory during your marriage even though your spouse didn't feel comfortable with the situation, he or she may now accuse you of unfaithfulness. This can work against you when you're trying to get full custody of your children.

Even if you did not have other relationships during your marriage, indulging in polyamory before your divorce is final can also work against you. 

After the divorce is final, if you have not addressed this situation in your divorce agreements, your ex might petition the court for full custody later, once you start having multiple relationships. Your ex may focus on immorality and not wanting the youngsters brought up in that type of environment.

What You Can Do

You'll benefit from having witnesses who will attest to your excellent parenting and your quality of character, even though your lifestyle isn't mainstream. You'll also want to confirm that your children are thriving. Perhaps you spend substantially more time with the kids than your spouse does, and the children are doing very well in school and in other areas of their lives.

For witnesses, consider asking people such as:

  • friends and colleagues who are prominent members of the community
  • your children's teachers and sports coaches
  • parents of your children's friends
  • clergy members

In addition, your lawyer may have expert witnesses, such as psychologists, testify that a polyamorous lifestyle can be completely compatible with superb parenting. 

Concluding Thoughts

Contact family law attorneys like Thomas & Associates, PC today for an initial consultation, which you can often do by phone. You need to find a lawyer who is ready to provide skilled representation for someone with your unique circumstances. With this kind of attorney on your side, you have an effective strategy to be awarded full custody of your children. 


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