The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

Tips For Entertaining Without Lawsuits

by Jo Rodriquez

Having guests over, whether a group of close friends for a dinner party, or a larger guest list for a neighborhood barbecue, does come with risks. Your concern for your guests well-being must extend beyond the food, or they could suffer an injury that results in you getting sued. These three tips can help you protect yourself while keeping your guests safe.

Tip #1: Remedy Obvious Hazards

Don't leave out anything that could lead to tripping or a slip and fall injury. Put away children's toys, make sure rugs have non-slip backing, and remove any tripping hazards from the party space.

If you will be entertaining at night, make sure there is sufficient lighting on outdoor walkways and near stairs and steps.

Tip #2: Repair Any Safety Features

Porch steps are an obvious point for a slip and fall injury, especially if they are missing bannisters or have wobbly rails. Make sure everything is in top condition before your guests arrive. Also, don't forget to check door thresholds for loose or uneven sills. You can usually repair these with just a few quick turns of a screwdriver.

In your own home, you quickly adjust to these small things and you may not always notice that they need to be fixed. Your guests, on the other hand, won't be expecting problems with a porch railing, so they are more likely to suffer an injury.

Tip #3: Serve Alcohol Responsibly

Many states now have social host laws, which means you can be held responsible if a guest over-consumes at your party and then injures someone else after they leave. Don't be afraid to enforce a drink maximum on guests. You can also insist upon taking keys and arranging for taxi rides so guests don't endanger others after the party. Also, make sure that your guests are of legal drinking age before you serve.

Alcohol consumption can sometimes relieve a host of liability, though. The courts may not grant a lawsuit to the injured party if it's proved that the party was intoxicated at the time of the accident. This is primarily used for injuries caused by slipping or falling, not those sustained because of a homeowner's obvious negligence.

Most parties go off without a hitch, but it only takes one injury to ruin everyone's night. Fortunately, if a guest does need to sue due to an injury on your property, your homeowner's insurance will likely cover it. To learn more, contact a professional like Putnam Lieb.


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The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

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