The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

Tips To Help You With A Slip And Fall Incident That Was Not Your Fault

by Jo Rodriquez

 You rent a mobile home from an individual who you refer to as a slumlord because they haven't fixed the broken steps leading to your home and you have asked nicely several times. Then, the  obvious occurs. You fall down the steps and sprain your ankle. Now, you are strapped with a ridiculously high bill from the hospital and won't be able to work for a while. If you are dumbfounded by the situation that you are involved in and want justice for the matter, use the tips below to guide you. 

Document Everything

Prior to being released from the hospital, ask for copies of x-rays and a medical report of your prognosis. After going home, your first order of business is to take several photographs of the stairs that are damaged. If you are not feeling well enough to handle this task, ask someone close to you to assist.

You will likely need the photographs if your landlord gives you a hard time and tries to deny that the steps were broken or decides to hurriedly repair the steps after they realize you were injured, but chooses not to help you out with the medical bill that you owe.

Write down a detailed account of the time leading up to the fall, including the approximate dates that you asked your landlord to fix the steps and the response that you received from them each time. 

Provide A Medical Report And Ask For Reimbursement

Gather the courage to call your landlord and tell them what happened. Remember, you are not at fault and should not feel bad about telling your landlord about something that could have been prevented if the steps were fixed when you initially asked.

While on the phone, request that your landlord stop by so that you can speak to them in person. If they oblige and are willing to come over right away, locate the x-rays, medical report, and hospital bill so that you can show them to your landlord.

During your meeting with your landlord, remain composed and speak nicely, yet firmly about the incident. Afterward, wait for your landlord's response. If your landlord is not receptive to what you have told them or appears to be angry and refuses to help you out with the medical bill you owe, follow the advice below.

Use The Legal System To Help You 

Call a legal referral service to obtain information about accident injury attorneys who practice in the county that you live in. After choosing one of the attorneys, call them to request an initial consultation. Before heading to the law office, collect all of the paperwork you have obtained that is affiliated with your situation. 

After meeting with the lawyer, you can state your case. If you decide to hire the attorney, they will advise you of your rights concerning the matter at hand and will reassure you that you cannot be evicted due to the incident that occurred. Your lawyer will represent you during a hearing and will do their best to help you win so that you are compensated for the injury.


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The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

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