The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

Beyond Slip And Fall Accidents: Other Potential Triggers Of Premises Liability Claims

by Jo Rodriquez

When many people talk of premises liability lawsuits, they tend to think of slip and fall accidents or accidents caused by falling items. However, there are many other forms of injuries that can trigger premises liability claims, such as these four:

Swimming Pool Accident

Businesses that have swimming pools on their grounds, such as hotels and spas, are required to take measures to prevent injuries at the pools. These measures include ensuring that the pool is properly constructed, ensuring that there is always a lifeguard at the pool, ensuring that the pool area is fenced, and ensuring that the pool chemical is properly balanced, among other things. If the premises owners are negligent and you end up getting injured at the pool, you can file premises liability lawsuit against the management.

Animal Bite

A business should either keep animals out of its premises or ensure that the animals that get in don't attack other people. Therefore, if you are shopping a mall and you are bitten by another shopper's dog, you can file a dog bite claim against the shopper and a premises liability lawsuit against the shopping mall.

Inadequate Security

Inadequate security is also another common negligence that makes business owners liable for injuries that occur on their premises. This is because the inadequacy of security measures makes it easy for criminals to attack others on the premises. For example, a dark parking lot without a guard or CCTV cameras is a robber's heaven. If you are attacked in such a place, then you have the right to sue the management of the parking lot for damages.

Toxic Fume Exposure

Exposure to toxic fumes can also lead to premises liability claims or lawsuits. Examples of substances that can cause toxic exposure include things like pesticides, household cleaners, and acids, among other things. Therefore, if a business is careless with its storage of cleaners, and some of it ends up spilling on you, you may be able to sue the business for your injuries.

Fire Outbreaks

Lastly, fire-related injuries may also give rise to premises liability lawsuits. For such a lawsuit, you will have to prove that the fire was caused by something that the business should and could have prevented. For example, you may not have a valid claim if the fire was caused by a lightning strike, but you may have a strong claim if the fire was caused or fueled by a carelessly stored gasoline.

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