The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

Getting Denied Private Disability Insurance Benefits

by Jo Rodriquez

Becoming disabled is the type of thing that many people can't predict will happen to them in life. The only thing that can be done is to prepare financially in case you end up in such a situation when least expected. If you have already become disabled and was shocked to find out that your private disability insurance provider has denied your claim, don't allow it to put you under any stress. If your disability claim was wrongfully denied, a lawyer can do everything possible to get the decision overturned. After reading through this article, you will know more about private disability insurance claim denials and why hiring a lawyer is wise.

Why a Disability Claim Might Get Denied

Several things can lead to a private disability insurance claim getting denied. The type of policy that you pay a premium on is one of the things that is factored into the decision. The reason why is because you have to meet certain requirements based on what is written in the specific policy that you have. Another reason for a claim to get denied is from you failing to comply with the rules, such as if told to get a medical examination performed by an appointed physician. However, sometimes claims are denied unfairly and with little to no explanation about the decision. 

What Your Lawyer Might Need You to Provide

After hiring a lawyer, he or she will likely make several requests to handle your case. For instance, you might need to supply him or her with all correspondence that you have had with your private disability insurance provider. All evidence of your disability that was handed over to the insurance provider might be requested by the lawyer as well. Don't be surprised if the lawyer requests that you undergo an additional medical examination, even if you've already had one. He or she will attempt gathering as much evidence as possible so the chance of the denial being overturned will increase.

How the Denial Can Get Overturned

The ability of the lawyer to prove that you deserve disability benefits is the main way that your claim denial can get overturned. If the insurance provider gets investigated by the lawyer and is found to have discriminated against or fairly denied their policyholders in the past, it can increase the chance of the denial being overturned. In some cases, a lawyer might have to handle the dispute by filing a lawsuit.


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