The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

How A Defective Airbag Factors Into Your Personal Injury Claim

by Jo Rodriquez

Thousands of lives are saved each year thanks to airbags. When you purchase a car and get behind the wheel, part of why you feel safe is that you know the airbag will deploy if you have an accident. Unfortunately, there are some airbags that fail to deploy, and those riding in the vehicle are often seriously injured or killed. In addition to seeking compensation from the driver responsible for the accident, you may also choose to seek compensation from the manufacturer of the airbag. 

Injuries Caused by the Failure of an Airbag to Deploy

Airbags are designed to prevent severe head injuries that can lead to skull fractures and brain bleeding. Your body might suffer from an injured spinal cord or fractured ribs. Whiplash is a common injury that occurs for those in car accidents, but can be prevented with a functioning airbag. 

Why the Airbag Didn't Deploy

In some cases, an airbag doesn't function because of the specifics of the accident. There are specific circumstances in which an airbag is not designed to deploy. For example, airbags do not deploy when an accident occurs at a specific angle or when the accident occurs at a very low speed.

Airbag Mechanical Problems

However, there are other cases where the airbag was always going to fail and your best option is to speak with a personal injury lawyer to assist you in this situation. For the airbag to deploy, the accident would have to trigger sensors. However, sensors sometimes do not deploy because they are defective or are not installed properly. You are entitled to compensation for this form of negligence. 

The airbag might not deploy because the wiring is faulty and fails to communicate the signal to the airbags. Sometimes, the wiring is severed during the impact. In other cases, it was faulty to begin with. Therefore, you'll need help from an attorney who will investigate why the wires were severed.

Comparative Fault

One of the challenges of these types of accidents is that you may file a claim both against the manufacturer of the airbag, the installer, and the other driver. Fortunately, with the help of a great legal team, you can untangle the mess and make sure that you obtain the compensation you deserve. You can also receive help calculating all of your damages so you do not forget about any damages that you may not have thought about.


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