The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

Why A Car Accident Lawyer Is Crucial In "Drag" Cases

by Jo Rodriquez

Young drivers may have a tendency to not quite understand the potential dangers of the road and act in negligent ways. For example, a new driver may try to race or "drag" with other drivers and up causing an accident that hurts another person. This situation is very dangerous and lawsuits are likely to pop up that may require a car accident lawyer to properly navigate.

Negligence is a Common Car Crash Cause

Drivers have a common duty to be safe when on the road and to drive in respectful and reasonable ways. Unfortunately, some drivers do not behave in proper ways and end up putting the lives of other drivers in danger when on the road. For example, a driver may try to show off to others by driving too fast or trying to "drag" other people when on the road and cause an accident.

Now, this type of accident is very scary but can be dangerous when more than one car is involved. The driver who was showing off is negligent and may experience lawsuits if they injure a person and have to pay back that person's treatment costs. However, there are defenses that may at least mitigate some of the money that they have to pay to that individual.

Finding a Good Defense Requires Some Work

The unavoidable truth in this situation is that the person who was "dragging" is very likely going to be considered liable in just about any civil court. However, they may be able to decrease their payments to other drivers if they can prove others were negligent. For example, if the person they injured was also dragging them, they can show that this individual's behavior was also problematic.

Yes, the person who started the drag and caused the race may end up being considered more negligent. But if they can offset some of the liability, they may get their penalty decreased. If they can even show that the other driver behaved in a way that was more negligent – such as veering towards them as they drove to throw them off or scare them – it may even be possible to win this case.

As a result, it is critical to work closely with a car accident lawyer to ensure this type of case is possible to win. Though it may take some time to gather evidence to show that negligence is shared, doing so may be a great way for an individual to avoid serious penalties that may be very expensive and hard for them to afford otherwise. 


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