The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

Should You Rely on a Public Defender for a DUI?

by Jo Rodriquez

When you are facing DUI charges, more than your dignity is on the line. You may be at risk of losing your job, your transportation, and much more. This means you need the best possible legal representation.

So, should you accept a public defender when you are facing a DUI charge in court? These are a few things you need to know first.

Public Defenders May Not Dedicate the Same Time

While public defenders are often trying their best, they often do not have the same time that a DUI attorney has. DUI attorneys can focus on your case specifically to ensure that somebody is paying attention to your needs. Public defenders have a lot on their plate, but DUI attorneys have more time to focus on you. This may lead to more favorable results for you.

Public Defenders May Not Challenge Tests

When you go to court, you hope that your attorney is going to challenge any tests the investigating officers did. For example, you want your attorney to take a look at the field sobriety tests to ensure that they were performed correctly and without prejudice. You also want your attorney to challenge the results of a blood-alcohol test to ensure that it was performed accurately.

Attorneys are more likely to challenge tests by calling in expert witnesses. A public defender may not spend the money to call in these witnesses.

Public Defenders May Not Challenge Rights Violations

Many people are pulled over for a DUI illegally, and their rights are violated every step of the way. Your DUI attorney looks for rights violations to protect you in court. A public defender may not necessarily challenge violations in the same way.

Public Defenders May Encourage You to Take a Plea

In some cases, taking a plea deal is a good idea. Taking a plea can get you less time in jail and help you avoid trial. Still, it is important that you understand when it is a good idea to take a plea and when it may be detrimental to your case. DUI attorneys understand when a plea is the best option.

Meet With a DUI Attorney Today

A public defender may not be right for you, and that's okay. A DUI attorney can help you through the next steps, ensuring that your rights are respected during the next phase of the trial. Set up a consultation with an attorney to learn about how an attorney can help.


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