The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

What Should You Do If A Canine Owner Refuses To Pay After Their Pet Attacks You?

by Jo Rodriquez

Some injuries suffered due to a canine attack can cause undue suffering and require a long recovery period. In such situations, you may need to get payment from the liable party in a timely manner so that you can focus on recovery. Unfortunately, this might be impossible if the canine owner refuses to offer you the compensation you need. In such a case, they might raise varying arguments to insinuate that you don't deserve the payment. If this happens, a legal advisor can fight to help ensure that you get your rightful payment, as this article explains.

If They Blame You for Being in the Wrong

For many homeowners, dogs are considered family members, and the owner will likely do everything possible to defend the canine. This includes blaming the complainant for being in the wrong, even if their pet was fully responsible for attacking you. In case a defendant raises such an argument, your personal injury lawyer can collect evidence to prove the assertion untrue. For example, they might get witnesses who saw the incident to explain that you did not provoke the canine. It will go towards proving that you're eligible for compensation.

If They Blame You for Being on Their Premises Illegally

Many people who own dogs have them for security purposes. Unfortunately, in some cases, they command their pets to scare away or attack strangers. If you've been attacked under such circumstances, the defendant might claim that the canine bit you because you were on their premises illegally. In a case like this, your attorney can present documents, e.g., showing that you were performing a job on the defendant's property when the incident happened. This proves that the dog owner knew that you would be on their premises delivering a package, undertaking maintenance, or performing other tasks. Accordingly, the defendant should have secured their pet to prevent an attack.

If They Claim They Didn't Know Their Pet Was Dangerous

The defendant might also argue that they failed to secure their dog because they didn't know it was dangerous. If they use this defense, your legal advisor can present evidence of the pet's previous aggressive behavior to show its danger. This will demonstrate that the dog owner knew their pet could attack and, thus, should have taken measures to prevent it. In addition, the evidence will establish that the defendant should take full responsibility for your losses.

If a canine attacks and injures you and the owner has acted negligently, their homeowner's insurance policy should cover your losses. Therefore, hire a dog bite attorney if the culprit tries to raise arguments in an effort to distance themselves from the incident. Your personal injury attorney will gather evidence proving that the defendant was negligent, and this will enable you to get your rightful payment. 

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