The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

Slipping & Falling In A Commercial Building

by Jo Rodriquez

Did you lose your job due to spending a long time in the hospital after slipping and falling inside a commercial building? Dealing with a severe injury while struggling to make ends meet financially is a recipe for depression, which can make the situation even worse. If you are hopeless as to when you will be able to start working again, there is another way to get money. Slipping and falling in a commercial building is the type of incident that is worth hiring a lawyer to assess. Winning a lawsuit against the owner of the business is possible with the expertise of a lawyer.

The Consequences of Slipping & Falling

Which parts of your body was injured when you fell on the commercial property? The parts of your body that were injured are important because it will help to determine why your ability to work was affected. For example, if your leg was severely injured, a lawyer can obtain details about the injury and how it specifically has affected your ability to work. He or she can also prove how long the injury is expected to affect you, such as whether long-term damage was done. Be clear and detailed when speaking to a lawyer about how the injury has affected your life so he or she can ensure you are fairly compensated.

Your Actions After the Incident Took Place

Your actions during and after the incident are important, so a lawyer will ask questions regarding what you did. For example, did you have to go to the hospital immediately after the incident took place? Your actions are important because the other party can claim that you were injured elsewhere long after you are claiming to have been injured. A lawyer can prove that you received prompt medical attention due to the severity of your injury. Evidence will be obtained in several ways to prove your claim.

The Negligence of the Business Owner

The cause of your slip and fall will be assessed by a lawyer in order to determine the extent of negligence that was involved. For example, was there water spilled in an aisle that the business owner did not caution customers about? A lawyer can fully investigate the commercial building to find out what caused your slip and fall. It is possible that the flooring materials were damaged or not leveled out as they should be. The investigation might also include locating other people who have slipped and fell inside the business establishment.

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