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Filing for Bankruptcy? A Few Things a Lawyer Can Probably Do Better Than You

If you’re considering bankruptcy, then you may thinking about whether or not you need to hire a professional lawyer for assistance. While it is true that you can file your bankruptcy on your own, you could end up biting off a lot more than you can truly chew. Therefore, it is best to weigh the pros and cons now. Here are five things that an attorney knowledgeable in bankruptcy can do for you better than you can do for yourself. 1. A Lawyer Will Know When Bankruptcy Is the Best Option and When It Isn’t For many individuals who find themselves in serious debt, they think that bankruptcy is the only possible solution. However, this is not necessary true. For one, not all debt can be discharged in personal bankruptcy. Some debts that cannot be cancelled include taxes, child support, and student loans. Therefore, if your primary reason for filing for bankruptcy is because of one of these debts that cannot be eliminated, then an alternative solution with fewer long-term penalties will most likely be more beneficial to you. A lawyer will be able to thoroughly evaluate your situation and help determine the best course of action. 2. A Lawyer Can Accurately Identify the Most Appropriate Type of Bankruptcy For personal bankruptcy, there are two options: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Choosing the right one can be intimidating and difficult if you aren’t sure of the differences. Ultimately, the one that is chosen will greatly depend on a number of factors, such as your primary end-goals, financial situation, and the types of debts that you want to discharge. A... read more

When A Deer Causes A Car Accident, The State Or Local Government May Be At Fault

Reports of cars crashing into deer on lonely stretches of highway are common. The impact of the collision could result in serious injuries. This is why state and local governments have to take necessary steps to reduce the risks deer pose to drivers. Failure to cut down on deer crossing risks could leave these government entities open to civil damages. Post Signs in an Effective Manner Probably the most basic and necessary step for a local municipality to take is to post a “Deer Crossing” sign on the highway. Merely posting a single sign, however, is not going to be sufficient to free the locality from liability. The display of any signs has to be adequate enough to reduce the potential for car and deer collisions. An auto accident attorney could ask a jury “If a single sign was posted on a particular stretch of highway and then no sign was posted for another five miles, is this truly adequate?” What if accidents between cars and deer had occurred several times at areas in between the placement of the first and second sign? The municipality could have placed additional signs in case the first sign was missed or had a driver assumed the absence of signs for three or four miles inferred no more deer-related driving hazards existed.  Other responsibilities associated with proper sign placement include: Ensuring the signs are able to be read at the speed in which cars travel. Removing and replacing damaged signs. Clearing away obstructions to the signs such as vines or tree branches. Again, posting a sign does not free a municipality of liability.... read more

Answering Common Questions About Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit

There are few things that are more painful than losing someone you love, and this pain can be amplified when their death was the result of another person’s negligence. While wrongful death lawsuits are designed to give these individuals the justice they deserve, it is important to note that there are a couple of questions that you may have about collecting these damages. Understanding the impact of the deceased’s employment status and how incurred debts are handled will help you make this stressful time in your life go more smoothly. If Your Loved One Was Unemployed, Will That Impact Your Claim? A major concern for many people is how the economic status of their loved one will play into determining the amount of compensation to be given. This is particularly common for instances where the deceased was unemployed for an extended period of time. However, it should be noted that a person’s economic contributions are not the only factors that the courts will consider during the proceedings.  There are many ways that your loved one contributed to your life, and it may be possible for you to collect damages for these losses. For example, a stay-at-home wife or husband will provide their spouse with help around the house, companionship, and a host of other benefits. The exact laws governing this will vary from one state to another, and you should consider speaking with a wrongful death attorney to determine what compensation your case may qualify to receive. What If The Expenses Of This Death Force You Into Bankruptcy Before The Case Settles? It is possible for you to incur a... read more

Why Pedestrians Can And Should Sue For Personal Injury

In any city of any size, there’s always the chance that a pedestrian will fall victim to an accident. Cars hit pedestrians, probably more than most people think. However, many of these pedestrians do not pursue personal injury cases. Some may even stand up, brush themselves off, and move on. This is a mistake for many reasons. The Injuries to Pedestrians are Usually More Severe Pedestrians are far more vulnerable than anybody else. They have little to no protection and usually take the full force when a driver strikes them in any way. Because of that, pedestrian injuries are usually far more severe. Sometimes those injuries aren’t immediately apparent. That’s why it’s important for pedestrians to still go through the process of filing a report, seeing a doctor, and speaking to a lawyer, like any other accident victim. There are Laws to Protect Pedestrians There are laws in place specifically to protect pedestrians from motorists. If you’re on foot, on a bike, on a skateboard, or using any other device other than a motor vehicle, you have protections. You have protection against negligence just as you would in any other situation. This is important to remember because you may think that you’re in the wrong. For example, if you’re crossing at an intersection, and a driver turns and strikes you, it’s not your fault. Even if the car had the right to make the turn, it doesn’t excuse the driver from failing to see you. If you stand up and feel fine, you shouldn’t let the driver off the hook. They were still negligent. And even if you feel... read more

The Legal Rights Of Incarcerated Parents

In 2013, 2.7 million minor children in the U.S. had at least one parent in prison, a situation that puts unbearable stress on families. If you or a loved one faces incarceration, understand that being imprisoned does not terminate parental rights. You should consult an attorney well-versed in family law to help you navigate the delicate process of protecting your child while exploring your legal options. Legal Custody Obviously, inmates cannot have physical custody of their children, with the exception of those enrolled in special programs for mothers of newborns. While in prison, you may maintain at least shared legal custody of your offspring. You need to have enough contact with the other parent and your children to contribute in a meaningful way to their upbringing. In many cases, you will be able to have this consistent communication with your children, so your opinions on schooling, religion, and medical matters will still be valuable.  Visitation You will probably retain your rights to reasonable visitation with your kids. Even if you have no custody rights, you are usually granted visitation when authorities deem it in the “best interest of the child.” Prisons are by nature grim, and for some children, visiting their parents may prove to be too stressful, often depending on whether the penal institution is somewhat “child-friendly.” In some instances, children may be excused from any sort of visitation plan.  Termination of Parental Rights You may fear that you will lose custody of your children, and in some cases, you might. When a child has been in foster care for too long, the Adoption and Safe Families Act kicks... read more

What You Need To Know About The Discovery Process During A Lawsuit

Lawsuits can be long and complicated. There is nothing easy about a lawsuit, which is why many people try to settle the dispute as quickly as possible. After the initial lawsuit has been filed there will be a time for discovery. Discovery is where all of the facts and evidence about the case are put together to give each side an idea of what they are working with. Here are some things that you need to know about the discovery process: Depositions During the discovery process you will most likely be deposed. A deposition is where you will sit down with the lawyer, and in some cases a judge, to give testimony about what happened in the accident. Everything that you say is under oath. This is not just a conversation, if the lawsuit does go to court, they will use what was said in the deposition as testimony. This is why it is so important that you properly prepare for a deposition so that you ensure that you are giving the facts of the case as you remember them. During this time it is important that you tell the truth. For example, if you don’t remember something, you simply say that you cannot recall. It is better to avoid giving an answer than saying something that you are not sure about. Before a deposition you should ask your lawyer to prep you. This doesn’t mean that they will tell you what to say; instead they will help you know what to do in the case that you don’t remember, if you are uncertain or if you are confused.... read more

Steps To Consider If Your Child Was Injured On The School Playground

If your child comes home from elementary school with visible injuries, it’s important to find out exactly what happened. For various reasons and circumstances, not all injuries that occur on the school playground are witnessed or reported properly. In many cases, the playground aide or teacher may not feel that the incident warrants an investigation or further reporting. This can be troublesome if your child’s injury becomes worse or severe hours later. If your child has experienced an injury on school property, here are some steps that you should take to ensure a positive outcome. Speak With Your Child Thoroughly About The Incident At first glance, if your child has a large bruise or contusion, you’ll want to ask him where it came from. This is an important opportunity to write down or record everything that he says—especially while it’s fresh on his mind. Ask him detailed questions regarding: When the accident happened? Where it happened? Who was there with your child or who was responsible for him? Did someone else deliberately hurt him or cause the accident? Was the accident recorded with his teacher or principal? Getting your child’s version of the story before you speak with anyone else can help you piece together any missing information later on. Seek Medical Attention If your child is visibly injured or complaining of pain or other pertinent injuries, seek immediate medical attention. Not only will this determine if there is any underlying medical problems or injuries, it will serve as a paper trail for documentation of your child’s accident. Request a complete medical record of the visit as well as... read more

3 Ways To Get Proper Compensation From An Accident With A Semi-Truck

Just a few years ago, there were 333,000 semi-trucks involved in car accidents, many of those being the cause of negligent driving. Of these accidents, many of them were probably fatal or at least caused serious injury. This is because semi-trucks weigh so much more than other trucks and cars, so if you are involved in an accident with one of these larger trucks, it can be extremely terrifying, but you also have to remember that you need to know what to do if you are injured to ensure that you win a personal injury claim. Here’s what you need to know to help receive proper personal injury compensation: 1. Providing Proof of Negligence:  To prove that a trucker was indeed negligent and the cause of the accident in which you have been injured, you want to be sure that you have that available proof. This is why you should follow the proper procedures for recording the incident immediately after it takes place. The first thing you must do is call the police. The police will check for violated state and federal regulations, which are described in the next section below. From here, you want to take pictures of damages to your vehicle and physical injuries that you have noticed right away, as well as gather witness statements. Also, check to see if there are any surveillance cameras around that may have captured the accident on video. 2. Providing Proof of Violated State and Federal Regulations: Using police records from the day of the accident, you will want to prove in one way or another that the trucker has violated... read more

Tips For Entertaining Without Lawsuits

Having guests over, whether a group of close friends for a dinner party, or a larger guest list for a neighborhood barbecue, does come with risks. Your concern for your guests well-being must extend beyond the food, or they could suffer an injury that results in you getting sued. These three tips can help you protect yourself while keeping your guests safe. Tip #1: Remedy Obvious Hazards Don’t leave out anything that could lead to tripping or a slip and fall injury. Put away children’s toys, make sure rugs have non-slip backing, and remove any tripping hazards from the party space. If you will be entertaining at night, make sure there is sufficient lighting on outdoor walkways and near stairs and steps. Tip #2: Repair Any Safety Features Porch steps are an obvious point for a slip and fall injury, especially if they are missing bannisters or have wobbly rails. Make sure everything is in top condition before your guests arrive. Also, don’t forget to check door thresholds for loose or uneven sills. You can usually repair these with just a few quick turns of a screwdriver. In your own home, you quickly adjust to these small things and you may not always notice that they need to be fixed. Your guests, on the other hand, won’t be expecting problems with a porch railing, so they are more likely to suffer an injury. Tip #3: Serve Alcohol Responsibly Many states now have social host laws, which means you can be held responsible if a guest over-consumes at your party and then injures someone else after they leave. Don’t be afraid... read more

Facing Higher Child Support Payments? How An Attorney Can Help

Are you concerned that you might be facing higher child support payments and you can’t afford it? You can hire a child support attorney to help you argue your case in court so you won’t fall into a financial bind that makes it difficult to pay bills. Find out below how an attorney can help you avoid an increase in child support payments and what you can expect his or her help to cost. What Will the Attorney Need to Help You? The main thing the attorney will need from you is copies of your pay stubs. The pay stubs must be recent to prove that you are not making any additional money from when your child support payments were initially ordered by the court. Keep in mind that even the slightest raise can have an effect on how much child support you must pay. Your attorney will also need evidence of your living expenses. For instance, you will need to hand over proof of your mortgage or rent payment, utility bills and how much you spend on groceries. If you are taking care of other children or a spouse, let your attorney know because it might help your case. After gathering all of the necessary evidence, your attorney will argue on your behalf during your child support hearing. Even if you have had an increase in income, your lawyer can help ensure that your payments are fair. He or she will work to prove to the judge that an increase in child support payments can cause you financial hardship. What Will the Services Cost? The cost to hire... read more

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