The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

3 Circumstances Where You Should Consider Running A Background Check

by Jo Rodriquez

Background checks can provide a lot of useful information. Many people wonder if they should be using background checks to their advantage but aren't sure about the appropriate time to use a background check. Here are some circumstances where it would be beneficial to run a background check.

1. Hiring a New Employee

In a perfect world, everyone would be perfectly honest about their credentials and experience on their resume, but sadly that is not necessarily the case. Many people falsify their credentials to make them more appealing to employers. In addition, you might not only be worried about the qualifications of the person, but also if they have had problems with past employers, co-workers, and so forth.

By running a background check, you can get the information that you need about the individual to determine if they are who they say they are. You can collect valuable information about their past and decide if they would be a good fit with your company.

2. Renting Property

If you are renting property to someone, it is imperative that you run a background check. Even though you have a renter on the property, you are still personally liable for the property. This means if they fail to pay their rent, you are still on the hook with the mortgage company. This is why it is important that you get as much information as possible on the individual before you sign a property lease.

In the background check, you can determine their financial situation, if they are up to date on all of their credit, and if any formal complaints that have been made about them. Only after seeing all of this information should you decide if it is worth renting your property to this individual.

3. Business Acquisitions

If you are planning on merging or acquiring a new business, you should consider getting a background check done on the business and the individuals running the business. It is vital that you look into their books, see how the company has been managed, and what kind of people the owners are. Although it may slow down the process of the deal to got through a background check, it is the best way to protect yourself from future problems.

These are just a couple a circumstances where a background check would be encouraged. Fortunately, you can hire a private investigator and do your own background check at any time you feel it is appropriate. 

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