The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

Count The Ways: What Are You Owed For Your Accident?

by Jo Rodriquez

A car accident might disrupt your life for weeks or even months, but it doesn't need to injure your finances as well. You are entitled to several different damage areas as a result of the other driver's careless actions, and knowing what those are is the key to being paid for them. Read on for an overview of the many ways that you are owed as a result of your accident.

Medical Bills

As you might already realize, any time you are speaking of medical needs, the costs are exorbitant. Your accident doesn't even need to be all that serious for you to accumulate thousands of dollars in expenses. While even the most basic of insurance policies will pay for the majority of your medical needs, there are times when the insurance company challenges and refuses to pay for certain needs. If you are to make the insurer pay, then you may need to take legal action to force payment.

Lost Salary

Most people have little choice but to work for a living, and even a day or so of missed work can cause problems. With an accident injury, you might be talking about being out of work for many days and even weeks for hospitalizations, surgeries and rehabilitation and recuperation at home. If you don't take action quickly, you might find your personal finances in disarray, and financial problems could arise that will haunt you for a long time.

Loss of Transportation

Your vehicle may either be damaged or totaled, but you need to replace it without delay. You are entitled to full payment of any repairs or a lump sum to purchase another car if your car is totaled. Additionally, keep up with any expenses connected to your transportation needs, such as rental cars and taking public transportation to get around.

Lost Personal Property

A car wreck could send your personal belongings flying, and some of those belongings may be quite costly to replace. Be sure to list your losses, such as your child's car seat (you should avoid reusing a car seat that's been in an accident), your cell phone, that expensive handbag, your laptop or tablet, and anything else lost or damaged as a result of the wreck.

Pain and Suffering

The final category of loss is also one that's more difficult to put a dollar amount on. Almost anyone who is involved in a car accident can tell you how it can devastate you and affect your life in general. You might suffer from anxiety, mood disorders, problems sleeping and more due to the trauma of the wreck and the injuries you suffered. This form of damage is often computed based on the dollar amount of your medical bills, so be sure to keep records of your medical expenses.

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