The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

  • 3 Estate Planning Mistakes You Can Make When You Don't Seek Legal Help

    As a responsible parent or estate owner, you should plan your estate in good time and do it properly. People who don't plan their estate subject their beneficiaries to a lot of problems. In fact, they may not even receive their share. Everyone wants their assets and estate to be inherited by their preferred beneficiaries. Unfortunately, it may never happen if you don't plan your estate. And even as you plan it, you should involve an estate planning law attorney to help you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Will I Go to Jail for a First Time OVI?

    Your first OVI might lead to serious criminal charges and each subsequent OVI can be even more devastating legally. You may spend a good portion of the year in jail and you might also have your driver's license suspended. However, this depends on the facts of the case and whether you are working with a competent OVI lawyer. First Time OVI Offenses In many states, the first OVI leads to a misdemeanor.

  • How A Real Estate Attorney Keeps A Real Estate Deal From Falling Apart

    Not every home is purchased with the help of a real estate attorney. However, if you will be purchasing a property that is worth a lot of money, it might make sense to hire a real estate attorney rather than having all of the legal issues handled on your own. There are several things you can expect your real estate attorney to do for you. Drafting and Reviewing the Contract

  • Avoid These Tricky Problems When You File Chapter 7

    Many consumers are forced to admit that their financial situation is beyond their control. You may never be able to pay off your debts because of interest, penalties, fees, and more. Additionally, you may be facing dire punitive actions from creditors that can threaten your job, your home, your vehicle, and more. When the only action that makes sense is to file chapter 7 bankruptcy, it pays to make the process as smooth and worry-free as possible.

  • 3 Things Your Car Accident Attorney Does Not Want You to Do After a Car Crash

    A car crash can leave you disoriented for a few hours, days, or months. Sadly, you may not have enough time to recuperate before talking to the drivers, the insurance companies, or law enforcers. Since your emotions are all over the place and you are not in a stable mental state, it is easy to say things that can later affect your case. Remember that the police strive to investigate and collect evidence but are not necessarily there to help you or support your case.

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    The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

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